Our Mission

In Japanese, “Tori” means “chicken” or “bird” and “Shin” means “spirit”. Torishin is a Japanese yakitori (grilled chicken) restaurant, but it’s not just an ordinary restaurant.
Torishin started its history in Tokyo, Japan, and earned compliments from our clients in the fiercely competitive Tokyo dining scene. Our dream was to share this Tokyo experience with the Big Apple when we opened our first restaurant in 2007 on First Avenue. Since then Torishin reputation has grown and been rewarded with popular acclaim from diners and a covenanted Michelin star. Our mission is to provide the most authentic Tokyo style yakitori to our clients using ingredients of uncompromisingly high quality. Hence our name, Torishin.
Please visit us and experience the real yakitori from Japan.

  • Shu Ikeda
  • Owner Chef

Yakitori at Torishin

Yakitori, literally “grilled chicken”, is a Japanese style skewered chicken. The word “yakitori” was first seen in a cookbook written in 1643, using other kinds of birds such as duck, quail or pheasant. At Torishin, the chefs use traditional method to cook every part of the chicken carefully prepared on bamboo skewers. All the chicken used at Torishin is organic and of the very highest quality. Also vegetables are delivered directly from special farmers.


Charcoal plays a very important part in cooking yakitori. At Torishin, we use Kishu “Binchotan” charcoal that releases large quantities of infrared rays. Infrared cooking makes meat crispy on the outside and tender and juicy inside. Although it is commonly thought that Binchotan burns hot, it actually burns at a lower temperature than ordinary charcoal, but for a longer period of time. Because it does not release smoke or other unpleasant flavors, Binchotan is a favorite of yakitori cooks. Binchotan is made from Oak, and Kishu Binchotan is the most famous and highest quality. Enjoy the quintessence of Japanese yakitori at Torishin. *Kishu is the old name of Wakayama prefecture.

Beverages and Desserts

The selection of Sake and Shochu at Torishin strives to provide our clientele with the best of everything. Our Sakes are carefully selected from different regions with various flavors and aroma to make an enticing offering. Some of them are very rare and hard to find even in Japan, thus our list is one of the most extensive and exclusive in New York. A distinguished selection of Shochu made from sweet potato, barley and rice show our guests the broard range of flavors. Please ask us and we will find the best match to your preference and dishes.

We also serve cocktails reflecting a passion driven by seasonality, balance and creativity with a Japanese twist. You can enjoy a smooth start as an aperitif or a chat with your friend after work. Our master pastry chefs entertain guests with special desserts. Our clients, especially sweet lovers, look forward to the eye-catching creations made with intricate Japanese techniques.