Select Counter is our new style tasting counter where we serve a tasting menu with a combination of our famous Yakitori skewers and Japanese traditional dishes, such as Tempura, Sashimi, and Robatayaki. As the name indicates, we use variety of seasonal ingredients, such as the finest meats and seafood, that we import from carefully selected suppliers, including ones in Tokyo Tsukiji Market. All course menu will be served right off the Binchotan grill in front of our guest by our top chefs. The counter is made with one piece of Hinoki wood, Japanese cypress. As it is considered as sacred material in Japan, Hinoki has been used for palaces, shrines and temples for centuries. Acclaimed theaters especially used Hinoki for their stages, and “Hinoki Butai (stage)” means showing excellence in skills in front of a prestigious audience.
Only at Select Counter can you taste Omakase course dinner which is carefully prepared and served with meticulous attention by our chef. Each dish reflects uncompromised excellence and a Japanese sense of beauty. The orchestration of the presentation, aroma, texture and taste brings you a harmonious delight.

Sample Menu

    1. Broiled Sea Urchin with Garlic Toast
    1. Appetizer
    1. Grilled Vegetables
    1. Japanese Washu Beef
    1. Iberico Pork
    1. Ramen Noodles (Shio)


Select Counter is also known for a wide selection of Sake and Shochu. Some of them are very rare and hard to find even in Japan. Carefully selected Sake and Shochu from various regions, one of the most extensive lists in New York, enhance our client’s total enjoyment.

  • Juyondai Bessen (Yamagata Prefecture)

    Known as a bold and expressive sake. It simply offers a very dramatic taste that speaks to a whole spectrum of sake drinkers.
  • Senshin (Niigata Prefecture)

    Aged “quietly” for over a year. The nose is laced with young cantaloupe and honey. The overall mouth is multi-layered and delightful.
  • Kubota Manju (Niigata Prefecture)

    Kubota Manju has a refined aroma and elegant flavor. The brewers of Kubota Manju devote all their skill and passion to the creation of this masterpiece.
  • Kokuryu “Ryu/Gold Dragon” (Fukui Prefecture)

    It has a faint, cedar-like woodiness, and an incisive melding of flavor and aroma. Assertive yet gentle, delicate yet robust.
Please visit Torishin Select Counter and enjoy the ultimate gourmet experience beyond Yakitori.


We accept parties up to 8 people. At our Select Counter, we offer our special Omakase course only while additional a la carte orders are welcome. Please kindly note $50 cancellation fee per guest for a cancellation within 48 hours of a reservation. We will ask for your credit card information when you make your reservation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Tel: (212) 757-0108